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Homer Bews Vanderblue Railroads: Rates-Service-Management (with Kenneth Farwell Burgess)

Homer Vanderblue was a Harvard Business School professor. In addition to his role as a professor at Harvard Business School, Homer Vanderblue also served as Honorary Curator of Early Economic Literature in the Baker Library.

James Veney Evaluation and Decision Making for Health Services (with Arnold Kaluzny)

James E. Veney is Professor of Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has served as a consultant to a number of private research organizations and various international, federal, and state agencies, including the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development. He is the author and co-author of numerous publications and most recently the author of an innovative statistical text designed for health care managers entitled Statistics for Health Policy and Administration Using Microsoft Excel.

David Vogel

Fluctuating Fortunes: The Political Power of Business in America
National Styles of Business Regulation: A Case Study of Environmental Policy

David Vogel is a professor at the Haas School of Business and the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of six books and numerous articles on government-business relations. He received a B.A. from Queens College, City of New York, and a Ph.D. from Princeton University.

Frederick S. Wait A Treatise on Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditors' Bills: With a Discussion of Void and Voidable Acts

Frederick S. Wait was a member of the New York Bar Association. 

Albert H. Walker History of the Sherman Law

Albert H. Walker was a member of the New York Bar Association.

Richard B. Warnecke Managing a Health Care Alliance: Improving Community Cancer Care

Dr. Warnecke is a Professor of Sociology and of Epidemiology and Biometry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, he serves as the Director for both the Health Policy Center and the Center for Health Services Research at the UIC Health Research and Policy Centers. He also served as Director of UIC/SRL from 1981 to 1996. Dr. Warnecke served as: (1) Co-Principal Investigator of the second evaluation of the CCOP evaluation project. He has been actively involved as a cancer control researcher for 25 years and has a long-standing relationship with the National Cancer Institute, both as a principal investigator and a grant reviewer. He received one of the first Cancer Control Science Program Grants ever warded by NCI, and has published more than 40 paper and two books concerned with cancer control topics.

Charles Warren

A History of the American Bar  
Bankruptcy in United States History  
The Supreme Court in United States History

Charles Warren was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 9, 1869.  He received his A.B. from Harvard University in 1889, and his LL.D from Columbia University in 1933.  He was admitted to bar in 1892 and practiced at Boston.  He became a private secretary to Gov. William E. Russell; Associate in Gov. Russell's law practice until Russell's death in 1896.  He then became a senior member of Warren and Perry, Boston; chairman of the Civil Service Commission; assistant attorney general of the United States, Washington.  He taught at a variety of iniversities and colleges.  He was an officer and member of several organizations He died August 16, 1954. (read the full bio)

Elizabeth Warren

As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America

Elizabeth Warren is Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard University and Robert Braucher Visiting Professor of Law in 1992. She received her BS from the University of Houston in 1970, and her JD from Rutgers University in 1976.   

Emory Washburn

A Treatise on the American Law of Easements and Servitudes

Emory Washburn is a well-known educator, lawyer and author. A governor of Massachusetts, he was born in Leicester, Mass., Feb. 14, 1800 and attended Dartmouth College and then received his A.B.and AM from Williams; then studied law at Harvard, and was admitted to the bar in 1821. He practiced in Leicester and in Worcester. He  was a representative in the state legislature, state senator, chairman of the judiciary committee. He was judge of the court of common pleas, Whig governor of Massachusetts, university professor of law at Harvard.  He was also a trustee of Williams college, an overseer of Harvard,  fellow of the American Antiquarian society,  member of the Massachusetts Historical society, and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by Williams and by Harvard in 1854. He died in Cambridge, Mass., March 18, 1877.  (read the full bio)
Emily Stipes Watts The Businessman in American Literature

Emily Stipes Watts is a Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has had a long and distinguished career in teaching and writing. She received an AB degree in 1958, an MA degree in 1959 (Woodrow Wilson National fellow), and a Ph.D. degree in 1963, all from the University of Illinois. 

James Avery Webb A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Voluntary Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

James Avery Webb (1868 - 1953) was born in Ripley, Tennessee. 

Marc A. Weiss The Rise of the Community Builders: The American Real Estate Industry and Urban Land Planning

Marc A. Weiss is a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington, D.C. He was special assistant to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development from 1993 to 1997. He is a known expert on Urban and Regional Development; Housing and Community Development; Economic and Business Development; Public Policy and Planning.

Joel S. Weissman

Falling Through the Safety Net: Insurance Status and Access to Health Care (with Arnold M. Epstein, M.D., M.A.)

Joel S. Weissman, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also a Lecturer in the Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School.

Jay Lawrence Westbrook

As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America

Jay Lawrence Westbrook, Benno C. Schmidt Chair of Business Law, The University of Texas at Austin, is one of the nation's most distinguished scholars in the field of bankruptcy, and a pioneer in empirical studies in this area.  He has been Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School and the University of London, and is a member of the American Law Institute, the National Bankruptcy Conference, and the American College of Bankruptcy. He serves as a consultant to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and has also served as the United States Reporter for the ALI's Transnational Insolvency Project and as co-head of the United States delegation to the UN (UNCITRAL) conference on international insolvency.

Lawrence J. White The Deregulation of the Banking and Securities Industries (with Lawrence G. Golbergs)
Mergers and Acquisitions: Issues from the Mid-Century Merger Wave (with Michael Keenan)
Technology and the Regulation of Financial Markets, Securities, Futures, and Banking (with Anthony Saunders)

Lawrence J. White is the Arthur E. Imperatore Professor of Economics Entrepreneurship and Innovation at NYU-Stern, which he joined in 1976. He received his BA and PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 1964 and 1969, respectively, and his MSc from the London School of Economics in 1965.

John O. Whitney

Taking Charge: Management Guide to Troubled Companies and Turnarounds

John O. Whitney is Professor of Management and Executive Director of the Deming Center for Quality Management at Columbia Business School. He is a member of the board of Directors of several companies, including Turner Corp., Church and Dwight Corp., and Atchison Castings Corp., and on the advisory board at Newsbank Corp. Recent consulting assignments include Alcoa Corp., Wickes Lumber, Rodale Press, Sunstar, Inc., the Zimmer Division of Bristol-Myers Squibb, the Lab Glass Division of Corning, inc., Merck & Co., W.R. Grace, Nashua Corporation, and IBM. His speaking engagements include an even larger number of companies, and he has written for numerous leading business publications.

Stephanie Wickouski

Bankruptcy Crimes: Third Edition

Stephanie Wickouski is a Partner in the Corporate Restructuring Practice of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and is Regional Partner in Charge of the Firm's New York City office. Ms. Wickouski was named one of 12 Outstanding Restructuring Lawyers in the U.S. for 2006 by Turnarounds & Workouts. For over twenty five years, she has represented a diverse range of clients in complex reorganization cases throughout the country and has counseled clients on all aspects of credit and financial relationships. She is a frequent lecturer, author, and commentator on bankruptcy, restructuring, and financial fraud. Prior to entering private practice, Ms. Wickouski was a trial attorney with the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, and received several awards for her handling of bankruptcy litigation. She lives in lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood with her husband, David A. Fletcher, a noted musician and director.

Percy H. Winfield The Chief Sources of English Legal History 
The History of Conspiracy and Abuse of Legal Procedure

Percy Henry Winfield, LL.D., 1878-1953, was Professor of English Law, St. John's College, Cambridge, and the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law; as well as Lecturer in Law at St. John's and Trinity Colleges, Cambridge. Dr. Winfield was also the Editor of the Cambridge Law Journal. He authored numerous books on the law. 

Max Winkler Foreign Bonds: An Autopsy

Max Winkler immigrated to the U.S. from Romania in 1910, became a professor of languages but was turned down for a teaching position because he was Jewish. Undaunted, Max found a job teaching economics at City College. In 1929, he started the brokerage firm Bermard, Winkler & Co. on the 11th floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He then authored three books on bonds and later wrote a New York Times-syndicated column on bonds and investing. 

William Winthrop Military Law and Precedents

William Winthrop was a colonel in the United States Army and author of The Annotated Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocates General. He was a member of the practicing bar in 1861 when he entered the military service. 

John D. Wirth The Oil Business in Latin America: The Early Years

John D. Wirth is Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies in the department of history at Stanford University.  Founder and president of the North American Institute, he was appointed by the White House in 1994 to serve as a U.S. member on the Joint Public Advisory Committee of the NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation.  He is a contributing editor to Environmental Management on North America's Borders.

Ellen Wojahn The General Mills/Parker Brothers Merger: Playing by Different Rules

Ellen Wojahn is a native of Minnesota. Following a six-year stint in radio news, she reported on management and public policy issues for a Minneapolis-based business publication. In the early 80s she was a senior writer for INC. Magazine. She continues to write, edit, and speak on topics of business management and entrepreneurship. She resides in Eugene, Oregon, with her husband and two children.

Jerome H. Wolfson The Style and Management of a Pediatric Practice

Jerome H. Wolfson, MD, FAAP is a practising doctor at the Squirrel Hill Office of Bass Wolfson Pediatrics. He obtained his college and medical degrees from State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. He was the Director of Pediatrics at Hazelwood Health Center & Greenfield Medical Center; Attending Pediatrician, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Diabetic Clinic.

Harold Woodman King Cotton and His Retainers: Financing and Marketing the Cotton Crop of the South, 1800-1925

Harold D. Woodman is Professor Emeritus of History and American Studies and
Program Chair from 1981-1993 at Purdue University

I. Maurice Wormser Disregard of the Corporate Fiction and Allied Corporation Problems

I. Maurice Wormser was a Fordham University School of Law professor and editor of the New York Law Journal.

Bruce Wyman The Special Law Governing Public Service Corporations: And All Others Engaged in Public Employment

Bruce Wyman was born in Boston, MA in 1876. He received an A.B. degree in 1897, and a LL.B. degree in 1900, from Harvard University. He was a Professor of Law at Harvard, 1901-1914, and at Portia Law School. He was engaged primarily in corporate practice, and he was also counsel for the National Civic Federation and an investigator for the Directors of the Port of Boston. He was the author of numerous books on the law. He died in 1926.

William Wynne State Insolvency and Foreign Bondholders: Selected Case Histories

William H. Wynne studied under a research associateship at the Yale School of Law from 1931 to 1935 in studies to prepare this second volume. Professor Edwin Borchard, the author of the first volume, helped to have Mr. Wynne appointed at Yale Law School. Mr. Wynne studied in London and Paris under this associateship followed by two years at New Haven. 

Abraham Zaleznik  The Managerial Mystique: Restoring Leadership in Business
Learning Leadership: The Abuse of Power in Organizations

Abraham Zaleznik is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, at the Harvard Business School. He is a 1947 graduate of the School’s MBA program and the holder of a doctorate in Commercial Sciences (1951) from that School, is known internationally for his research and teaching in the field of social psychology in the business setting, and for his investigations into the distinguishing characteristics of managers and leaders. Professor Zaleznik is also a psychoanalyst certified by the American Psychoanalytic Association. He has published fourteen books, and has written numerous award-winning articles.

Joseph J. Zealberg Comprehensive Emergency Mental Health Care (with Alberto B. Santos and Jackie A. Puckett)

Joseph J. Zealberg, M.D. received his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and his residency training in psychiatry at the University of Virginia. He served in the National Health Service in southwestern Virginia, later becoming Director of the Emergency Psychiatry Service/Mobile Crisis Program in Charleston, South Carolina. He is currently in private practice in South Carolina and is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Howard S. Zuckerman Partners: Forming Strategic Alliances in Health Care 

Dr. Howard S. Zuckerman, Professor and Director, Center for Health Management Research, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.


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