What's Your Game Plan? Creating Business Strategies that Work

What's Your Game Plan? Creating Business Strategies that Work
By Milton C. Lauenstein
2004/09 - Beard Books 
1587982374 - Paperback - Reprint - 242 pp.

This practical book shows businesses how to devise a game plan that makes them the dominant force on the playing field.

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Categories: Banking & Finance

This title is part of the Smart Management list.

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What's Your Game Plan is an innovative look at strategic and long-range planning. It provides practical guidelines for formulating an effective game plan that will capitalize on an organization's strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. The author uses real-life examples to illustrate common pitfalls-such as management myopia and relying on conventional wisdom-that inhibit the success of long-range planning. This unique management book addresses the specific challenges of small companies, mature industries, high-tech businesses, diversified corporations, and services firms and shows how to overcome these challenges.

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Milton C. Lauenstein has had a long career as a top executive. He was CEO of Ventron Corporation for 14 years. Subsequently, he served as director of over a dozen corporations and was Chairman of three of them. He was on the staff of A.T. Kearney & Co. for three years and later headed his own consulting firm. He taught business policy and strategy at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and at Northeastern University. He has written numerous articles on business strategy and was a contributing editor for the Journal of Business Strategy. He served as President of the International Business Center of New England and as director of other business groups. He holds an engineering degree from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Part I. Driving or Drifting? 1
1.  Setting Your Course 3
2. Management Myopia 17
3. Conventional Wisdom? 28
4. The Courage to Be Different 40
5. Whose Game Plan? 50
Part II. Developing Your Game Plan 63
6. Defining Your Business 65
7. Designing the System 84
8. Formulating the Strategy 98
9. Planning for the Long Term 116
10. Establishing Financial Policies 131
Part III. Variations on the Theme 151
11.  Small Companies 153
12. Mature Industries 166
13. Diversified Corporations 175
14. High Technology Businesses 189
15. Service Firms 202
Part IV. Putting the Plan to Work 217
16. Making It Happen 219
Index 228

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