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A History of the American Bar
By Charles Warren 

A Legal History of Money in the United States
By James Willard Hurst

Ancient Law
By Henry James Sumner Maine

The Chief Sources of English Legal History
By Percy H. Winfield

From Relief to Social Security
By Grace Abbott

History of the Sherman Law
By Albert H. Walker

John Jay Colonial Lawyer
By Herbert A. Johnson

Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function
By James Coolidge Carter

Legal Lore: Curiosities of Law and Lawyers
By William Andrews

Men and Books Famous in the Law
By Frederick C. Hicks

Military Law and Precedents
By William Winthrop

Readings in American Legal History
By Mark de Wolfe Howe

Some Famous Medical Trials
By Leonard A. Parry

The Framing of the Constitution of the United States
By Max Farrand

The History of Conspiracy and Abuse of Legal Procedure
By Percy Henry Winfield

The Literature of American Legal History
By William E. Nelson and John Phillip Reid

The Making of the English Legal Profession, 1800 1988
By Richard L. Abel

The Origin of the English Constitution
By George Burton Adams

The Roots of American Bureaucracy: 1830 1900
By William E. Nelson


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