Early American Land Companies: Their Influence on Corporate Development Early American Land Companies: Their Influence on Corporate Development
By Shaw Livermore
2000/11 - Beard Books
1587980835 - Paperback - 354 pp.

A treatise on the rise of the modern business corporation from early American land companies and the subsequent enactment of general incorporation laws in the United States.

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Category: Real Estate

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This erudite and well-researched treatise traces the origin of modern business corporations and analyzes the influence of unchartered bodies such as early American land companies in shaping them. Providing a fairly complete survey of land companies between 1750 and 1800, this book shows how, during that fifty-year period, they progressed from the partnership concept to the practical form of corporation.

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Shaw Livermore was Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Michigan

Editor's Introduction vii
Author's Foreword xxvii
I. The Problem 1
II. Precedent Form of Association 9
The Gilds and Boroughs 14
The New England Proprietorship 19
The Proprietary Colonies 30
III. Colonial Business Organization 37
The Lynn Iron Works 42
The Free Society of Traders 46
The Frankfort Company 48
The Connecticut Copper Mines 51
The Principio Company  53
The Equivalent Land Company 55
The Land and silver Banks in Massachusetts 57
Status of the Corporation 61
French and Continental Law 69
IV. Pre-Revolution Land Companies 74
The 1748 Ohio Company 75
The Susquehannah Company 82
The Transylvania Project 90
The Company of Military Adventures 97
The Mississippi Company 102
The Illinois-Wabash Companies 106
The Illinois Company 111
The Indiana Company 113
The Grand Ohio Company, or Vandalia 119
The Dismal Swamp Adventures 122
Lesser Land Projects 126
V. Post-Revolutionary Land Companies 133
The Ohio Company 134
The Yazoo Companies 146
The North American Land Company 162
The Asylum Company 171
The Easter Land Associates 174
The Connecticut Land Company 177
The Fire Lands 187
The Gore Land Company 192
Western New York Companies 197
"Castorland" 209
VI. Corporations versus Associations: The Business Community's Attitude 215
Strength of the Association Principle 238
VII. Corporations versus Associations: Legislative Vagaries 243
VIII. Corporations versus Associations: Judicial Inertia 272
IX. Conclusion 295
Appendix A. Articles of Association of the Louisa Company 299
Appendix B. Articles of Association of the Transylvania Company 300
Appendix C. Extract from the Articles of Agreement of the Illinois-Wabash Land Company 305
Appendix D. Articles of Agreement of the Ohio Company 309
Appendix E. Extract from the Articles of Agreement of the Eastern Land Associates 312
Bibliography 314
Index 319

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