Competition in the Health Care Sector
By Warren Greenberg, Ph.D.
2002/11 - Beard Books
1587981300 - Paperback - Reprint - 422 pp.

Here is the classic that started the ongoing debate over just how much competition and regulation are necessary in the health care industry.

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This book is an interesting compendium of proceedings from a 1977 conference conducted by the Bureau of Economics of the Federal Trade Commission. Included papers focus on competition in selected sectors, insurance and alternative delivery systems, and competition and regulation. Such an important and comprehensive array of research belongs on the library shelves of all economists, policymakers, health care administrators, professionals in the health care field, and anyone concerned about the nature and future of the health care industry.

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Warren Greenberg, Ph.D. is a professor of health economics and health care sciences and a senior fellow with the Center for Health Policy Research at the George Washington University. He is also a scholar in residence at the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. Mr. Greenberg’s research at AHCRQ focuses on the quality of care in horizontal and vertical consolidations of hospitals within an industrial organization context. He also examines the structure of vertical integration in health care.  From 1971 until 1979, Mr. Greenberg was a staff economist with the Federal Trade Commission. He was a lead economist on many of the FTC’s activities in the health care industry and was responsible for economic analysis of antitrust litigation. Mr. Greenberg was a visiting associate professor of managerial economics at the University of Maryland and a visiting professor at Ben-Gurion University (Israel). He is the author of numerous articles on industrial organization economics and health care that have been published in the Journal of Law and Economics, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Health Services Research, and other leading journals. 

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Acknowledgments vii
Summary ix
PART ONE -- Opening Remarks and Introduction 1
Remarks 3
   Michael Pertschuk
Remarks 7
   Theodore Cooper
Is Medical Care Different?  11
   Mark V. Pauly
Comment 37
   Burton A. Weisbrod
PART TWO -- Competition in Selected Sectors 43
Competition Among Physicians 45
   Frank A. Sloan and Roger Feldman
Comment 103
   Donald E. Yett
Comment 121
   Uwe E. Reinhardt
Competition Among Hospitals 149
   David S. Salkever
Comment 163
   John A. Rafferty
Competition Among Health Insurers 167
   H.E. Frech, III and Paul B. Ginsburg
Comment 189
   Howard Berman
Comment 207
   David Robbins
PART THREE -- Insurance, Competition and Alternative Delivery Systems 213
The Structure of Health Insurance and the Erosion of Competition in the Medical Marketplace 215
   Joseph P. Newhouse
The Emergence of Physician-Sponsored Health Insurance:  A Historical Perspective 231
   Lawrence G. Goldberg and Warren Greenberg
Competition of Alternative Delivery Systems 255
   Alain C. Enthoven
Comment 279
   Stuart O. Schweitzer
PART FOUR -- Competition and Regulation 283
Role of Competition in Cost Containment 285
   Clark C. Havighurst
Comment 325
   John Pisarkiewicz, Jr.
Comment 329
   Richard E. Shoemaker
Comment 333
   Jesse L. Steinfeld
Regulation as a Second Best 339
   Stuart H. Altman and Sanford L. Weiner
Comment 359
   Harold A. Cohen
Guide and the Form of Competition in the Health Care Sector 363
   Lee Benham
Comment 375
   Anne R. Somers
Index 365

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