The Thirsty Land: The Story of the Central Valley Project The Thirsty Land: The Story of the Central Valley Project
By Robert W. de Roos
2000/08 - Beard Books
158798024X - Paperback - Reprint - 279 pp.
US $34.95

Those interested in how water would determine the wealth of California will find this intriguing book a saga of politics and engineering, agriculture and economics, power and propaganda.

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The story of the Central Valley Project in the early twentieth century, a long-range public reclamation project to bring precious water to the San Joaquin Valley in California. The aim of the project was to provide dams, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, and canals to the Valley.

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The story of the publicly financed Central Valley Project in California which built dams, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, and canals. De Roos (San Francisco Chronicle) details the politics, economics, and social struggles played out by the actors involved, including Pacific Gas & Electric, the State of California, and United States Department of the Interior, and Congress. Most of the material consists of government reports, published newspaper accounts, and other documents detailing the scandals and controversies over the funding of the dam and the allocation of scarce water and electric resources. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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I. Problems in Paradise 3
II. Project on Paper 15
III. How the Cow Helped 27
IV. Yes, Said the State 36
V. The Army and the Bureau 46
VI. We Ain't Mad at Nobody 57
VII. The 160-Acre Limitation 73
VIII. The Battle of the Contract 91
IX. Power Politics 104
X. Power Politics Compounded 126
XI. Who Pays for What? 141
XII. Throw the Rascals Out 159
XIII. Sportsmen, Arise! 175
XIV. A New Set of Dreams 188
XV. A Busy Year and a Dry One 206
XVI. Picture Book 219
XVII. Epilogue 251
Index 257

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